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My Wife Says I No Longer Have A Healthy Sized Erection

My wife told me over breakfast this morning that I no longer have a healthy sized erection. Despite my best efforts last night, I could tell that she was not as satisfied as usual, although she was still rather happy.

testosterone I was a little taken aback by what she told me. I had not really noticed that I am any different in size when hard, but then again she also said it had been gradual over a period of time. I figure if it changed slowly, maybe I would not have noticed.

I actually wanted to ask her how big it should be to be considered a healthy sized erection, but I caught myself before I said it. It is not fair to expect my wife to be an expert on such things, and even if intended with innocence, questions like that can ruin a marriage for a week, or a month, or more.

The thing is, I am not an expert on such things myself. I am only familiar with my own parts, so I have no idea what is normal. My doctor seemed like the best person to ask, so I scheduled an appointment with her.

Lo and behold, I do apparently have some blood pressure and circulation flow issues that are preventing my erections from getting to the full size that they need to be.

My doctor went over a list of potential medications she could prescribe. I am thinking about it, but I am never too keen on prescriptions that might have no end. She also listed supplements I could try as well as lifestyle changes I could make that might make a difference. I am going to start with those first and see what I can do.